Message from the Principal

Thank you all for making the 19/20 school year the best it could be. We truly supported each other in challenging times. We all wish you a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you back in September.

The first day back for Grade 1-3 students is September 8th from 10am-noon (buses adjusted accordingly). Regular sessions are scheduled to begin September 9 (8:55-2:55pm). Office personnel at the school will be available from August 31st from 9-3pm. If you need to contact M. Aubin over the summer do so by email: I will be checking my email regularly.

School supplies list recommendations can be found at:

We are awaiting advice from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education for what the return to school will look like in September. We do not expect this until later in August. As soon as we know, we will advise you. Likely, there will be public governmental announcements faster than we can communicate as well.

Enjoy the summer. Remain Calm, remain kind, remain safe.




Mission Statement

Together, we will provide a safe and engaging learning environment for all.

Ensemble, nous créérons un milieu d’apprentissage stimulant et sécuritaire pour tous.

Les Chats Sauvages

On behalf of our students and staff, welcome to École Élémentaire Collettville. Every effort is made to provide a child-oriented school where students will have the opportunity to work and play in a modern, safe, clean and happy environment.

Children have many teachers: their parents, their community, their peers and their teachers at school. Individually they also possess many varied abilities: artistic and manipulative. We believe children have the right to the opportunity to learn.

With your continued support, we accept the responsibility for offering the opportunity and we will do our best to fulfill that obligation to each and every child.

Play is the Way – We are a Play is the Way School!

PLAY IS THE WAY is a practical methodology for teaching social & emotional skills using:

  • A unique program of physically interactive games (that both require and develop personal and social competencies).
  • 5 guiding concepts (that are embedded through classroom activities and serve as a moral compass to help children do what they believe is right as opposed to doing what they are told).
  • A specific and empowering self-reflective language (that helps children to master their behaviour in preparation for a responsible life in free society).
  • Get more information at

Code of Conduct

Please review the Code of Conduct and Behaviour Matrix with your child or children.

CV Code of Conduct

CV Behaviour Matrix

CV Matrice de comportement


Principal: M. René Aubin

Secretary:  Ms. Kathleen McCormack

Phone: 250-378-2230

Fax: 250-378-4498

Bell Schedule

First Bell: 8:50 a.m.

Recess: 10:45-11:00 a.m.

Lunch: 11:55-12:55 p.m.

School ends: 2:55 p.m.